Why do Seniors Need to do Floor Modifications?

Senior people are prone to stumble and fall. Some of them have problem backs, knees or hips. Some of them even have or will have incontinence problems. Some of them may need to use wheelchair. Please check the following questions, see what we can help for them.

Are all floor surfaces covered with non-slip or non-skid materials and safe enough?

Are all of the floors from one to another have proper transitions in your home?

Are all steps have non slip tapes (Visually Impaired Strips)?

Are floors can easily be cleaned or replace with new one?

Are most floors waterproof and easy to wash?

Do you have scatter rugs or doormats that could be hazardous?

Do you need flooring that can support wheelchair while still look new after many years?

Making modifications in home floors can promote independence and prevent accidents. Most of older Canadians want to be aging at home with assisted living services provided by family members or nursing care agencies. This allows them to maintain some form of independent living, be surrounded by familiar people and things and continue on with old habits and activities. However,most floors in homes are not designed to accommodate the needs of older people. Making modifications in home floors is a must. Foam Mats, Abrasive Vinyl, Rubberized Tiles are floors that can make life much easier for old peoples.


Carpet is soft, soothing, warm, and comfortable. It is a very good choice for seniors, because it’s cushion material will protect you against physical harm when you trip or fall accidentally. The maintenance of carpet is very simple, just vacuuming Regularly to keep dirt, dust, and debris away from your home.

However, older people have trouble with incontinence and this can lead to messy accidents. To help ease the process of cleaning and maintenance, a mold inspection Ottawa company has recommended carpet tiles for the older people. You can easily detach any number of the tiles to wash and dry separately. Once cleaned, they are just as easy to re install. By removing the tiles, you can also thoroughly clean the surface below to ensure that no growth of bacteria, mold or mildew occurs.

Abrasive Vinyl

Abrasive vinyl is installed by welding vinyl pieces together and securing it to the floor surface. It is seamless, durable and resistant to stains.You have less chance of dust and other unwanted allergens collecting and polluting your indoor air, which means less cleaning and sniffling for you. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, it can be integrated with most home decor.


Rubber offers a more extensive selection of textures and patterns than most non-slip floor types. The fact that it is eco-friendly, extremely springy,durable, water resistant, and easy to keep clean makes it a great choice for the elderly people, and rubber is often used in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement communities as they are one of the most cost-effective, disability-friendly floors on the market. Rubber works well on a flat surface, ramp or sloped floor.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum is an all natural material that does not emit any harmful toxins, and is very environmentally friendly. If you want a surface that’s both durable as well as comfortable, please consider linoleum flooring. When manufactured, the tiles are treated with an invisible wear layer that creates an impervious barrier to stains and water penetration, making them easy to keep clean and maintain. Cheaper types of linoleum are available, making the task to repair and replace linoleum a less costly process than hardwood, cork, and bamboo.

Soft Cork

Cork is extremely comfortable as it is very soft both under your feet or under your body. Its naturally traction make you less likely to slip,trip or fall when you are walking on the cork floor. However if you falls by accident, it can provide you a cushion against it.

The sealant over the surface protect the floor against minor stains or spills. If a cork floor is properly maintained, all you have to do is to sweep or vacuum regularly. For thick materials, it can also work against noise and heat loss.

Wheelchair Users

For wheelchair users, you need flooring that is smooth, slip-resistant, hard, durable and easy to clean. There are various types of hard-surface flooring that is suitable for wheelchair users,such as tile, linoleum and laminate . Laminate is a great choice because it can look like hardwood or tiles while not so expensive. What’s more, it comes in forms designed for heavy commercial use. This prevent denting because of wheelchair traffic .

Walker and Cane Users

People who use walkers, canes or crutches may need a more slip-resistant surface at home. Rubber flooring is a good choice for them because it can help cushion falls and offer enough slip-resistance to prevent feet from sliding.

Rubber flooring will not dent under walker prongs or canes, at same time, it’s even firm enough to be a great surface for wheelchair users. There are a variety of colors, patterns and even marble imitations rubber flooring , so you can have safer flooring that is also beautiful.

Achy Joints

Carpet or cork flooring may be a best solution for those people who suffer from aching joints . Cork floors can help cushion potential falls, it can also provide a surface that’s resilient to make walking more comfortable. Comparing with most floor types, carpet and cork can resist changes in climate. It means that they can maintain a relatively comfortable surface in all seasons.

Remember that even the smallest of things that can be neglected in your home may cause injuries or health hazards to seniors. Keep checking all floors, including stairs, bathroom flooring,pathways, hallways and stairways to remind you of the maintenance and inspection that should be implemented on a regular basis in your home.