Maintaining your Wood Flooring

The first step to maintaining your hardwood floors is cleaning them using the proper methods and tools.

Sand, gravel and dirt can scratch and damage your floors. Here are some helpful hints on how you can

keep your floors clean without damaging them.

Moving Furniture:

Moving your furniture around periodically as to avoid indentations and marks is a great idea, just make

sure that you don’t drag your furniture around the room. Such actions can leave permanent scratches

and marks. There are a number of helpful products, like furniture slides, that will protect your floors

even when you are moving heavy pieces like couches.

Furniture Slides to Protect floor       moving furniture

Do not use regular household cleaning products:

Regular brooms can scratch the surface of your wood floors. Use a vacuum cleaner where possible. If

vacuuming is not possible, use wood friendly dry cloth products like the Swiffer to remove dirt and dust.

Using a water mop can do a number on your hardwood floors. It can leave unattractive streaks and

worse yet, the extra moisture, can swell up and cause cupping, damaging your floors permanently. You

can use a damp cloth, alongside appropriate wood floor cleaners, to keep your floors clean and like-new.

Never use ammonia based products as they can discolor and stain your floors. Where you have a glossy

finish, avoid using wax with urethane. Instead, ask a flooring professional about the specific products

that best match your floor’s needs.

Regural Brooms       Don't Use Amonia

Be mindful:

Use area rugs and floor mats in high traffic areas such as entrances and family rooms. Make sure to

move them around once in a while to avoid discoloration around these areas left by differing exposure


Use Rugs in high Traffic areas

Keep your pets nails trimmed. Your pet’s long nails are your floors number 1 enemy, regular trimmings

can mitigate the effects your furry friends can have on your floors.

trim pet nails

Don’t wear high-heeled shoes on your floors. They not only drag in dirt and dust from outside, like all

other shoes, but can also leave unattractive marks all over you beautiful floors.

High Heels Scratch floor

Be mindful of the sun. Sunlight can discolor your wood floors with excessive exposure. Keep curtains or

blinds closed while you’re not home or using the rooms in question.

Blinds To protect from Sunlight

Make sure to cleanup spills as soon as they happen. Standing puddles of liquid and grease increase the

moisture levels in the wood and can lead to swelling, cupping and even cracks in your floors.

spills       clean up spills


Maintaining your hardwood floors may seem like an arduous task. But with a little mindfulness and

effort you can not only enjoy your floors for longer but also protect the investment they truly are.