Choosing The Right Hardwood Flooring

There are many choices of hardwood flooring for homeowners. This is why it is important that you choose the right type. Although there are varieties that are more affordable, they may come with their own drawback. In this post, we discuss the major types of hardwood flooring available, together with their advantages and disadvantages.
In the strictest sense of the word, bamboo is a grass and not a wood. However, it is mostly taken to be wood. The strands of bamboo are normally glued together so as to create engineered planks or solid strips, just like it is with hardwood.
It has three grain patterns which are flat, woven and vertical. Flat grains tend to show the plant’s characteristics of intermittent growth nodes; woven types come with sinewy patterns while vertical grains have closely packed strands that produce fine-grain appearance.
• Bamboo is durable and tough.
• Also, it is considered sustainable because the plant from which it is harvested can be easily grown and regenerated.
• Even being a natural material, there are some environmental concerns about the adhesive used in its construction process (regarding toxicity).


Maple hardwood flooring
This can increase the beauty of any room. These floors are extremely durable.
• Affordability: it is very affordable since it is largely available.
• Great color: Maple flooring has warm hue and light color that can fit almost any room.
• Maintenance: Maintain maple floor after installation is very easy as all that will need to be done is sweeping and vacuum cleaning.
• Smoothness of the grain makes marks and scratches relatively visible.
• Maple boards are affected by the rise and fall of humidity. You will be required to buy a humidifier in case you live in places where humidity fluctuates.


Oak is among the most common types of woods that is used for flooring. It can be found in two varieties, red and white. While red oak tends to have a grain that is slightly more pronounced, both of these types are easy-to-use and warm under your feet. Red oak gives a more robust grain pattern especially if you are to use colored stain, and this is mainly due its porous characteristics. Oak is hardwood and is very strong. This makes it the perfect type of wood flooring to use on high traffic areas such as living room and the bathrooms.
Cork is extracted from tree bark. The bark is left on the tree for 8-10 years, after which it is finally harvested. It means that the tree is taken care of for a long time allowing it to regenerate new bark every year. This makes cork a very sustainable material for use in hardwood flooring.
• It has a warm and natural appearance and is also very warm under feet.
• It contains unusual grain patterns that feature speckles and whirls. It is available in planks or tiles with laminate construction.
• When it comes to its installation, it can be installed as a floating floor or glued down.
In most cases, cork flooring products tend to be prefinished. However, it is important that they be released after every few years as this seals out moisture, renews the wear layer and guards against stains.


White Ash
This exotic type of wood is generally durable. Staining and boarding as well as installation is very easy, something that makes it the perfect choice for DIY homeowners.
• Hard and durable
• Not suitable for use in all expanses.
• Mostly good for commercial use
• More expensive compared to other oak species


This is the best option for people who are interested in darker wood floors. Although it is a strong type of flooring, it can easily split when being nailed. Mesquite contains a lot of character. It also ages well without lots of maintenance.


Birch is available in a range of colors from pale white all the way to reddish-brown. Among its advantages is the fact that it is easy to install and can hold its own well in areas that experience high traffic. Its unique grain patterns is the reason most people like it. The grain pattern can be curly and wavy, and appears almost textured.

Choosing the right hardwood flooring is very important. The right kind of flooring will not only bring the beauty of the room, but will also offer warm and color to the house. With the above advantages and disadvantages of each, it should not be difficult arriving at the right type for you.